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ECO Profiling

By supporting eco-profiles, Trinseo helps the industry determine the impact of plastics and latex products on the environment in areas such as energy and raw material use, water consumption, emissions, and waste.

Trinseo regularly contributes to the creation of eco-profiles in Europe and North America. These profiles are maintained by industry associations and are a compilation of data from multiple companies and industry sources.

Eco-profile development involves collecting and analyzing data on products, substances, and other materials of interest.  By developing eco-profiles, or life cycle analyses (LCAs), we are able to further enhance our understanding of the impact of our products to help downstream industries make well-informed product decisions.

PlasticsEurope is a good resource on the objectives of the eco-profiling program, the future of eco profiling, environmental footprints, and lifecycle thinking.  (https://www.plasticseurope.org/en/focus-areas/life-cycle-thinking.) More than 70 eco profile reports are available.

Plastic Products Life Cycle

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