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Drug Delivery Devices

To support the growth in self-administered care, healthcare professionals require drug delivery devices that are effective therapeutically and offer their patients functionality, convenience, haptics, and aesthetics.

Trinseo’s medical grade polymers fit the needs of drug delivery or combination devices, including auto injectors, insulin pens, inhalers, prefilled syringes and wearables.

What separates Trinseo from the competition is our full service capability, allowing your team to take a product from 3D filament prototype to full-scale production via injection molding. In addition, Trinseo's Drug Delivery Device grades offer:

  • Appearance and color options
  • High impact resistance and toughness
  • High stiffness/modulus
  • Low residual monomer and oligomer levels
  • Radiation and Ethylene Oxide sterilization
  • Biocompatiblity tested resins and colors

Several of our medical grades polymers for drug delivery devices have also been listed on a US FDA Master Access File or Drug Master File.

As the medical industry continues to innovate and bring life enhancing devices to market, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers can be certain that Trinseo will respond with materials developed to meet their needs, including customized solutions to meet exact requirements.

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Secondary Packaging using STYRON™ Polystyrene There's a growing need for a medical grade polymer that performs well, protects the product, and provides an added degree of safety. STYRON™ 2678 MED Polystyrene Resins from Trinseo provide an ideal and economical solution offering the versatility of polystyrene with the added assurance of ISO 10993 compliance and an extended notification of change.
Soft Touch Devices using MAGNUM™ ABS The demand for attractive combination devices is growing, and manufacturers and molders are looking for materials that provide both pleasing aesthetics and advanced performance, including colorable and sterilizable resins. MAGNUM™ ABS Resins from Trinseo satisfy the most critical needs of customers that are looking to differentiate their products.
Versatility through CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Used for a broad range of drug delivery devices requiring biocompatibility testing as well as high impact strength, transparency, rigidity, and exceptional performance, Trinseo's CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins are the material of choice. Our CALIBRE™ 5000 series glass filled resins with glass-filled content of up to 30 percent are available for applications requiring structural support.
Superior Blend with EMERGE™ PC/ABS Combining the physical properties of polycarbonate with the processability, toughness and flow of ABS Trinseo's EMERGE™ PC/ABS Advanced Resins support a broad range of applications. Advantages include durability and toughness, non-halogenated ignition resistance, and pleasing aesthetics. The material is also biocompatibility tested to meet compliancy requirements.
Sterilizable Parts with CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ Offering all the advantages of our quality polycarbonate resins plus color compensation technology, our CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ series allows polycarbonate color to quickly equilibrate following sterilization by irradiation to an acceptable threshold level. This technology has been the enabler for success for over 25 years.