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Safety and Operations

At Trinseo, protecting people and the environment is part of everything we do and every decision we make.

Since day one, when Trinseo was formed in 2010, meeting or exceeding the highest standards of safety and environmental performance has been a top priority for our company. Yet we recognize that the safety best practices and environmental efficiency embedded in our culture mean more than reaching target metrics. They reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainable innovation, to helping safeguard the well-being of every employee and community we touch, and to protecting our planet.

Learn more about Trinseo’s Safety Performance, Safety Training and Education, and Environmental Efficiency.

Trinseo Triple Zero Award Logo

In 2016, 83 percent of eligible teams received our Triple Zero recognition, marking Trinseo’s best year for safety results since the company’s formation in 2010. Read more here.

What is the Trinseo Way to a Safer Workforce?

“Let’s do it safer the first time” is a motto of Ted Kietzman, global environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) director. Through the design of safety programs that utilize Trinseo’s strengths — and a delivery model that empowers every Trinseo employee to put safety first — Kietzman is helping to build a stronger and safer workforce every day.Read more in our 2017 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Ted Keitzman

"Making safety a priority, or even better, a way of life, means it is a very closely held personal value. Empowerment can be an overused term, but in safety, it is very important to get buy-in from every person. It is vital that we listen, learn, understand, and engage in a realistic and authentic way."

Ted Kietzman | Global EH&S Director | July 2017