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Unser Engagement für mehr Nachhaltigkeit

What is the Trinseo Way to Sustainability? Catherine Maxey, vice president of public affairs, sustainability, and EH&S, sheds a light on the company's commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Over the past two decades, the concept of sustainability has grown significantly. Whether it is how an organization operates, how goods and materials are produced, or even how food moves from farm to table, the conversation around sustainability is buzzing every day.

Having worked in the industry for nearly 30 years, where sustainability has been - and continues to be - critical, it is encouraging to see people and companies of all kinds make conscious decisions about what they consume and what they produce. It is powerful to witness and be part of a group of people that puts a priority on something that is bigger than themselves.

At Trinseo, a focus on environmental and social responsibility is embedded into who we are as an organization. We create materials that are sustainable by design, which enable end products to be more efficient and perform better.

Our commitment to sustainability does not stop with us. It is carried out into our world through the tangible benefits of our materials, which power ideas and innovation.

Catherine Maxey | Vice President of Public Affairs, Sustainability, and EH&S | July 2017