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Award-Winning Automotive

Our top-performing products are recognized across the industry — and the globe — demonstrating our continued innovation in developing more sustainable automotive materials.

Pirelli Supplier Award

In 2016, Pirelli, a global performance tire corporation, awarded Trinseo with its Supplier Award for the third time since Trinseo's formation in 2010. Trinseo was recognized among a chosen few of Pirelli's 9,500 suppliers for our continued success in providing first-class service and performance in synthetic rubber products, underlining the company's market leadership. The company highlighted Trinseo's Solution-Styrene Butadiene Rubber (S-SBR), a critical component of green tires, which provides significant fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.

Award of Excellence in India

Trinseo's automotive team was recognized with the International Automotive Components (IAC) Award of Excellence. IAC honored the long-lasting business relationship with their corporate Award of Excellence for outstanding launch and development support. Trinseo was the only raw material supplier to be given this prestigious award. IAC is the third largest automotive interior components supplier in the world by market share, and the only global supplier with a singular focus on interiors. IAC aims to design interior applications with a special focus on vehicle comfort, convenience, utility, and safety.