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Product Quality

Trinseo’s quality approach is based on the idea that every person in the company is responsible for, and contributes to, the quality of our products and services.

We recognize that total quality can only be achieved when cross-functional teams — spanning business, research and development, purchasing, supply chain, manufacturing, and others — come together.

Trinseo leverages the engagement of executive leadership, line management, and many functions within the workforce, as well as suppliers and customers, in order to meet or exceed customer expectations, in addition to regulatory and legislative requirements.

We employ the total quality management (TQM) approach. Trinseo carefully manages the manufacturing and delivery process so products meet or exceed specific targets, and are delivered on time with the correct documentation and in the right packaging format. Further, we expect our raw material suppliers and service partners to comply with Trinseo’s Purchasing Ethics Policy and Trinseo’s Supplier Code of Conduct, and we encourage our suppliers to be Responsible Care®  or similarly certified.

Read more about our Total Quality Policy.

What is the Trinseo Way to a Culture of Quality?

Total quality begins with every Trinseo employee and culminates with our end products. Our commitment to quality is embraced at every level of our organization. Leading the charge behind our quality-focused culture is Jens Hariefeld, global quality director, who believes in  the power of quality in advancing our business and empowering our workforce. Read more in our 2017 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Jens Harierfeld

“In 2016, Trinseo achieved two quality milestones through ISO. Becoming ISO 13485 certified provides validation that our quality practices are consistent, predictable, and sustainable, and that they reflect and support global regulatory standards for medical devices suppliers. This new certification is very advantageous for our medical business in that it helps us target quality-oriented customers who value our commitment, collaborative approach, and expertise. Reaching our first global corporate ISO 9001 certification validates the engagement of executive leadership, line management, and all functions within Trinseo, plus our suppliers,to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

Jens Hariefeld | Global Quality Director | July 2017