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At Trinseo, we are driven to develop innovative solutions that benefit our world. Our passion to improve the world around us unites our nearly 2,200 employees across the globe and fuels our business.

It is what enables us to deliver cutting-edge sustainable materials, technologies, and solutions; continually look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint; and protect the safety and well-being of our employees and the communities in which we live and operate.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are innate to our business. Our commitment to stewardship is evident every day, from research labs to manufacturing facilities to corporate offices, as we continually advance to propel our clients, our employees, and our communities forward.

2016 was an outstanding year on many accounts with record environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) performance. We achieved our best safety results since the company’s formation in 2010 with 83 percent of eligible teams — nearly 1,500 employees — earning our Triple Zero recognition for zero recordable injuries, zero spills, and zero process safety incidents.

We introduced new products that enable greater sustainability in the automotive, medical, and home appliance markets, and expanded and improved plant operations while reducing our environmental footprint. Since 2011, we have cut our VOC emissions in half and reduced total waste by 59 percent.

Each employee and every site plays a crucial role in our sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives. More than anything, our accomplishments demonstrate the power of one team working together for the greater good. That's our way of life.

Chris Pappas | President and CEO, Trinseo | July 2017