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EU Reach

Trinseo remains vigilant in its efforts to comply with global chemical laws, including Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH).

As the single regulatory system for chemicals management in the European Union (EU), REACH requires that EU manufacturers and importers of substances to the EU, starting with quantities of one metric tonne per year, disclose information on the properties of their substances, including the potential risk to humans and the environment associated with use. Informationen über geeignete Maßnahmen zur Risikominderung müssen ebenfalls bereitgestellt werden.

Trinseo recognizes and fulfills the REACH registration requirements for the relevant substances we manufacture in, or import into, Europe. In addition, we continue to address the registration requirements for purchased substances. We conduct downstream use assessments and utilize the exposure scenarios associated with substance registrations to ensure our operational activities are REACH-compliant.

In accordance with REACH, Trinseo duly fulfills its obligations of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Candidate List for Authorization. Information on Trinseo products containing substances on the Candidate List above reportable limits can be found in the Safety Data Sheets, which we proactively send to all customers currently purchasing these products.