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Electricity and Energy

A snapshot of Trinseo’s electricity usage and energy reduction, and highlights from our sites across the world that are leading the way in energy efficiency. 

Total Electricity Usage and Intensity

From 2015 to 2016, Trinseo reduced its electricity usage by 5 percent. Since 2011, Trinseo has reduced its electricity usage by 9 percent.

Trinseo Total Electricity Usage Intensity Chart 2016

Energy by Fuel Source, Globally (2016)

Trinseo Energy by Fuel Source Globally Chart 2016


Trinseo Global Energy Efficiency Highlights, 2016 

Tessenderlo’s Banner Year in Energy Efficiency

Our site in Tessenderlo, Belgium, is leading the way in energy reduction for polystyrene production. By investing in new technologies and emphasizing energy awareness at every level, the site reduced its total energy consumption over the past two years by nearly 13 percent, from 565 total BTU/lb in 2014 to 492 BTU/lb in 2016, marking Tessenderlo's best-ever year in energy efficiency.

The installation of new LED lighting and cellular glass insulation reduced energy use. The LED lighting alone consumes only about 30 percent of the energy of the fluorescent lamps that were replaced, and includes automatic features for timing as well as maximizing natural light. The new insulation is virtually impermeable, offering superior protection in industrial settings and has helped curb significant energy loss, specifically in areas around oil heaters and devolatilizer equipment.

Beyond material enhancements, Tessenderlo has made notable energy-minded improvements in process control. For example, energy tracking screens show real-time energy performance and alert operators if equipment is not running at an optimal energy setting so adjustments can be made.

Tessenderlo’s energy savings over the past two years is enough to power 300 U.S. homes* for one year.

*Based on 2015 Annual Electricity Consumption for Average U.S. Residential Consumer per U.S. EIA: www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/index.php#electricity

Refrigerant and Lighting Enhancements in Tsing Yi and Hsinchu

In Tsing Yi, Hong Kong, our energy reduction project focused on the process refrigerant system, which is the second largest consumer of energy in the polystyrene production process. In order to maximize the cooling efficiency of the refrigerant units, the team upgraded both hardware and software to increase the units' reliability and functionality.

Improving the overall performance of the refrigerant units minimizes the total number of units needed, and process control automation helps increase the efficiency of all equipment. Specifically, these system enhancements resulted in a 4 percent reduction in electrical usage, equivalent to 800,000 kWh, which is enough electricity to power 74 U.S. homes for one year. 

In 2016, refrigerant energy reduction resulted in an annual savings of HK$730,000. More than 50 percent of the site's total energy savings resulted from the process refrigerant improvement.

In Hsinchu, Taiwan, we replaced 50 sets of fluorescent lights with LED lighting in the production area. While it is a seemingly small improvement, this upgrade decreased electricity usage by 14 percent, saving a total of 129,600 kWh, which is equivalent to the electricity that powers 12 U.S. homes for one year.