The MEGOL™ family of TPS-SEBS compounds offers the ideal combination of the elasticity, appearance, and haptics of rubber together with the low processing costs of thermoplastics.

MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS Compounds are block elastomer-based thermoplastic SEBS compounds (Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene).  MEGOL™ provides a wide range of optimum cold and hot elasticity, UV and age resistance, low emissions and low fogging, a large processing window, a great look, excellent soft-touch properties, and a good compression set.

MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS Compounds enable both an aesthetic surface quality as well as soft-touch characteristics with a general similarity to rubber. Its formulation flexibility allows the production of grades for a broad variety of applications in all common markets.

Main technical characteristics of MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS Compounds are:

  • Good hardness range: 5 ShA – 60 ShD
  • Food contact grades (EU, FDA)
  • Medical grades (ISO 10993, USP VI)
  • Permanent antistatic grades (>107 MOhms)
  • Usage range from -50°C up to 120°C
  • Recyclable

They are ideal for injection and extrusion molding as well as for calendering. Adhesion modified MEGOL™ grades are particularly well-suited for overmolding applications. Contact our experts to learn more.

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